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codesrc manufactures and sells SCSI adapters to emulate hard drives for vintage/retro computers.


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SCSI2 50pin to SCSI1 DB25 Adapter
Convert your existing SCSI2SD internal board for use externally. This item is now sold at itead ..
$AUD 10.00
SCSI2 50pin to SCSI1 DB25 Adapter - BLANK PCB ONLY
Free Shipping! This item will ship free worldwide. For converting an existing interal SCSI2SD to ..
$AUD 10.00
SCSI2SD 3.5" 50-pin SCSI to SD card adaptor (revision 5.0)
Single units are available from: ITEAD Studio (China).
$AUD 100.00
SCSI2SD Powerbook Edition
A SCSI to SD memory card adaptor to suit Apple Powerbook laptops.  This board replaces the 2.5"..
$AUD 100.00
SCSI hard drive emulator. Differences from the older V5 board: Full-Size SD slot. This make..
$AUD 125.00
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