SCSI2SD Powerbook Edition

SCSI2SD Powerbook Edition
SCSI2SD Powerbook Edition
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A SCSI to SD memory card adaptor to suit Apple Powerbook laptops.  This board replaces the 2.5" SCSI hard drive found in Apple Powerbook laptops.

SCSI2SD emulates a SCSI-2 hard drive using a micro-SD memory card. Each SCSI2SD purchase includes a fully assembled and tested circuit board, ready for use.

A SCSI2SD purchase does NOT include the following:

  • Micro-SD memory card
  • SCSI cables, power cables, usb cables, or any other accessory

Please visit the SCSI2SD page at for further information.


  1. In-built active terminator.
  2. Firmware updatable over USB
  3. Highly configurable over USB
    • Selectable SCSI ID
    • Selectable parity support
    • Enable/disable Unit Attention Condition
    • Artificial limits on the SCSI disk size (eg. limit size to 4G to avoid OS bugs)


Tested with a Apple Powerbook 520C.  The SCSI connector pinout is designed to suit Powerbooks, but may work on other SCSI laptops.

Reported to work on a Thinkpad 860 running Windows NT 4.0 PowerPC. screenshot

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