SCSI2SD 3.5" 50-pin SCSI to SD card adaptor (revision 5.0)

SCSI2SD 3.5" 50-pin SCSI to SD card adaptor (revision 5.0)
SCSI2SD 3.5" 50-pin SCSI to SD card adaptor (revision 5.0) SCSI2SD 3.5" 50-pin SCSI to SD card adaptor (revision 5.0)
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This is an improved version of the popular SCSI2SD. It's smaller, uses less power, and can be powered by the SCSI bus in some cases.

SCSI2SD emulates a SCSI-2 hard drive using a micro-SD memory card. Each SCSI2SD purchase includes a fully assembled and tested circuit board, ready for use.

A SCSI2SD purchase does NOT include the following:

  • Micro-SD memory card
  • Bracket for mounting within a 3.5" drive bay.
  • SCSI cables, power cables, usb cables, or any other accessory

SCSI2SD is an and open source project.  Please visit the SCSI2SD page at, where you will find the GPL3+ software source code.

Note: The hardware design for this new board is not currently open source.


  1. In-built active terminator.
  2. Emulates up to 4 SCSI devices
  3. Supports sector sizes from 64 bytes to 8192 bytes
  4. Firmware updatable over USB
  5. Highly configurable over USB
    • Selectable SCSI ID
    • Selectable parity support
    • Enable/disable Unit Attention Condition
    • Artificial limits on the SCSI disk size (eg. limit size to 4G to avoid OS bugs)
    • Sector size (can also be set via the SCSI MODE SELECT command, as sent by SCSI format utilities).
  6. External LED connector.

Technical Specifications

SCSI Interface SCSI-2 Narrow 8-bit 50-pin connector. Supports asynchronous transfers only.
SD Card Interface Standard SDSC (1GB maximum size)



5V via standard molex drive connector, USB, or SCSI BUS powered (requires the SCSI host to supply terminator power)

Dimensions 10cm x 5cm x 2cm


Plase consult the full compatibilty list at

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